How to Install an Airplane Ceiling Fan Part 1

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Summary: This Airplane Ceiling Fan installation was one of the most unusual ceiling fans I have ever had the pleasure of installed.

How to Install an Airplane Ceiling Fan Installation- Series #1

Airplane Ceiling Fan
I have installed countless ceiling fans, and this airplane ceiling fan had to be among one of the most interesting to assemble and put together.


You may be attracted to this fantastic ceiling fan creation, so you will be interested to know how the installation process proceeded. First of all, it will be a relief to know that this airplane ceiling fan just required to standard wiring and an approved electrical box which was installed onto a wood ceiling joist in this room. The mounting went pretty smooth once I understood how to attach a set of support wires for the large housing for the engine. Once that was clear then the installation went pretty smooth.
The homeowner was completely thrilled with this addition to his recreation room which will get allot of complements from all of his guests.

Choose a Designer Ceiling Fan: Airplane Ceiling Fan

  airplane-ceilingfan-1 The airplane ceiling fan came in a box labeled War Planes, and it looks like there are several airplanes styles to choose from - Very Cool!
airplane-ceiling-fan-2 Now I'm not an expert on airplane props but these fan blades have the appearance of the real airplane propellers.
airplane-ceilingfan-3 Nicely packaged to protect the precious cargo, um - airplane ceiling fan assembly parts that is!
  airplane-ceiling-fan-4 Very straight forward, normal ceiling fan hardware with just a few different procedures, but no problem!
airplane-ceiling-fan-5 The ceiling fan base canopy was larger so the airplane housing would attach similar to a hugger ceiling fan, only larger.
airplane-ceiling-fan-6 Pre-flight check of all the wiring and hardware.
  airplane-ceiling-fan-7 Double checked the flaps, rudder and ailerons, I think were about ready to fly this bird!
  airplane-ceiling-fan-8 Filed a flight plan with the tower, now we're ready to Soar!
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