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Attic Wiring, Junction Boxes and Electrical Safety

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Storing Unused Electrical Wires – Placing a fold of electrical tape over the end of a unused wire is fine in a temporary situation, but not as a long term solution.

Electrical Safety and Unused Attic Wiring

Electrical Wiring Question: Having disconnected 3-wire wall switch to attic-mounted whole house fan, is it safe to leave live wires capped in switch box covered by flat plate?

  • The wires don’t touch each other or the box; they are capped.
  • Is it safe to leave fan hard-wired to attic junction box?

This electrical question came from: John, a Homeowner from Naperville, Illinois

Dave The Electrician’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question John.

Storing Unused Electrical Wires

  • Placing a fold of electrical tape over the end of a unused wire is fine in a temporary situation, but not as a long term solution.
  • It is best to screw a wire connector over the end of the wires and cover the box with a blank plate as you have mentioned.
  • I don’t know if there is a problem with the whole house fan, but as long as the power source will not be connected to it then you can leave the wiring in the attic junction box and cap off the wires and covering the junction box as mentioned.

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One Response to “Attic Wiring, Junction Boxes and Electrical Safety”
  1. Eldon Kilburg says:

    Can you wire an attic and put the light bulb mounts (and bulbs) on the roof trusses (next to the roof)? Can you also run wire on the roof trusses? Having electricity running within 8 inches of the roof in an electrical storm, is that safe?

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