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Electrical Project Guidelines

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Summary: Electrical wiring projects guidelines necessary to follow for most any project you may choose to do. By following a few simple steps you will be considering the components necessary for a successful project from start to completion.

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Home Electrical Wiring Project Planning Guidelines

Electrical Projects Large or Small

Home electrical project planning is essential for any activity to be successful. The benefits will bring added value to your home.

Consideration must be given to the following:

Local and National Electrical Codes.

Local and National Energy Reduction Guidelines.

Local and National Fire Prevention Requirements.

Steps to Successful Home Electrical Wiring Projects

Home Electrical Project #1 Plan the installation of your electrical project or device.
Home Electrical Project #2 Produce a Set of Blueprint Drawings or Plans.
Home Electrical Project #3 Investigate local electrical codes compliance and ordinances.
Home Electrical Project #4 Submit the set of plans for approval and obtain an electrical permit.
Home Electrical Project #5 Determine the required electrical circuit power.
Home Electrical Project #6 Determine the electrical wire size and circuit protection.
Home Electrical Project #7 If branching from an existing electrical circuit then match the existing wire gauge and insulation type.
Home Electrical Project #8 Identify the electrical wiring path and components necessary to protect the circuit wiring.
Home Electrical Project #9 Develop a material list, call for competitive electrical materials pricing and purchase materials.
Home Electrical Project #10 Locate or contract special electrical tools, equipment or services.
Home Electrical Project #11 Install the circuit components at the appropriate phase of construction project.
Home Electrical Project #12 Attach ground bonding, identify and make up wiring splices.
Home Electrical Project #13 Verify the circuit path and components, then test the electrical circuit.
Home Electrical Project #14 Schedule and obtain electrical inspections for each phase of the project.

Electrical Safety Checklist
Before working with electrical wiring:

#1. Test the Circuit
Always use a good quality tester.

#2. Positively Identify the Circuit
Identify and label the circuit(s).

#3. Turn the Circuit Off
Shut the circuit off before beginning any work.

#4. Post a Note at the Panel or Power Source
Advise Others that you are working on the circuit wiring.

Electrical Project Resources

Electrical House Wiring

Ohms Law Formula

Blueprints for a Home Electrical Wiring Project

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