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Kitchen Range Circuit

How to Install Electrical Circuit Wiring for an Electric Range Circuit. I have an older home and the circuit to my existing range is 3 wire 40 amp.

Sizing a Electric Range Circuit

Electrical Question: I have an older home and the circuit to my existing range is 3 wire 40 amp.

  • I’m replacing the range and can’t figure out some of the ratings.
  • Kenmore spells out on their website, the max amp load is 40 amp but if I add up the wattage’s (4000W broiler, 2500W 9″ element, 2700W 12″ element and 2 1200W 6″ elements) I get 11.6KW; divided by 240, I get 48 AMP. Am I missing something here?
  • Most range manufacturers I’ve looked at don’t even give you a max amp rating and when I contacted Samsung about this and they wanted to know if I even needed to worry about amperage, but I know that is a main factor I need to be concerned about.

Any help is appreciated – Thanks!

This electrical question came from: Jack, a Homeowner from Newark, Delaware.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical question Jack.

Kitchen Range Circuit Size

How to Install Electrical Circuit Wiring for an Electric Range Circuit

  • Jack, you must go by what the manufacturer is specifying for the circuit wiring and the amperage, especially the cord size.
  • ┬áIf the cord is specified at 60 amps:
    • The circuit must be a 240 volt.
    • 60 amp circuit.
    • This is a typical circuit that is installed for an electric range for a home.

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