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Installing Ceiling Fans Outdoor Part 1

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Summary: Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installation- Series #1. Outdoor Ceiling Fans are a great addition to your outdoor patio.

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How to Install Ceiling Fans Outdoor Part 1

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Series-1
It may seem a bit odd to install a ceiling fan in an outdoor area, but I believe the benefits justify the consideration.
As you will see, there has been a lot of thought that has gone into the construction of the materials used to provide strength and durability for long lasting enjoyment.

Safety Note: If the outdoor ceiling fan is accessible and you are using the pull chain to operate it while being in contact with a grounded surface, or if the ceiling fan is within 5 feet of the inside wall of a hot tub or spa then GFCI protection is required.

outdoor ceiling fan 1 This nice patio covering was built to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the outdoors scenery.
It was wisely decided to install an outdoor ceiling fan to help provide a cool breeze during the warm summer months.
outdoor ceiling fan 2 The selection of a brand name ceiling fan which specified that it was rated for outdoor installation and use. The outdoor rating was required even though this patio had a well built covering.
outdoor ceiling fan 3 Upon opening I soon realized that the type of materials and construction methods were not the same as an indoor ceiling fan. The top of the ceiling fan was totally enclosed, not vented as most indoor ceiling fans.
outdoor ceiling fan 4 The exterior materials are made of heavy duty plastic which have an attractive glossy finish.
outdoor ceiling fan 5 The top of the light fixture kit was also made of sturdy non-corrosive plastic and was easily assembled just as an indoor ceiling fan.
outdoor ceiling fan 6 The blades of this outdoor ceiling fan were made of what appeared to be a vinyl plastic. The blades are heavy duty and mounting was very easy.
outdoor ceiling fan 7 With all the blades of the ceiling fan in place I am ready to mount the light fixture assembly. The internal ceiling fan wiring was well labeled and provided push-in connectors that made the connections a snap.

Additional Resources

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installation Manual

An Outdoor Ceiling Fan will help you cool off under your deck or covered patio area. Here is the Detailed Instructions Manual for an Outdoor Ceiling Fan [PDF]

You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.
Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site.

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Will a Ceiling Fan Require a New Circuit?

James, from Memphis, Tennessee asks:
I have an old house and the electricity has been upgraded from fuses to breakers. I need to ad some electrical to the main bathroom. I want to ad a small ceiling fan and an exhaust fan as well as one more outlet. I think I should run a new line from the electrical box. Is this true, and what size wire should I run and what size breaker should I use? Thanks.

An additional circuit for the ceiling fan and the exhaust fan will only be required if the existing circuit for the bathroom light fixture does not have enough capacity to support the additional load of these items. The amount of power required for a ceiling fan and an standard exhaust fan is not very great. If you find that a new circuit is needed then a 15 amp circuit with 14/2 NM cable would be adequate.

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